Ball meaning in Hindi and English

Ball meaning in Hindi and English

Word: Ball

Ball meaning in Hindi - बॉल का हिंदी में अर्थ - Ball ka hindi me arth

Pronunciation of Ball in English - bol, Pronunciation of Ball in Hindi - बॉल

1. गेंद (gend)
2. गोला (gola)
3. नृत्यसभा (nritya sabha)
4. सामाजिक नृत्यविशेष (samajik nritya sabha)
5. गेंद (gend)
6. गोला (gola)
7. गोल (gol)
7. गोलक (golak)
5. लच्छे में जाना (lacche me jaana)

Ball meaning in English - Ball ka matlab

1. A solid or hollow spherical or egg-shaped object that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.
2. A pitch delivered outside the strike zone that the batter does not attempt to hit in baseball.
3. The rounded protuberant part of the foot at the base of the big toe.
4. A formal social gathering for dancing.
5. Squeeze of form something into a rounded shape.

Ball synonyms in English

1. Round
2. Roundish
3. Oval
4. Sphere
5. Orb
6. Putting stone
7. Globe
8. Globule
9. Drop
10. Ovoid
11. Spheroid
12. Spherule
13. Droplet
14. Dance
15. Prom

Use of Ball in Sentences in English with Examples

1. Madan balled up his napkin and threw it onto his plate. - मदन ने अपने रुमाल का गोला बनाकर अपने प्लेट पर फेक दिया।
1. He is playing with a ball. - वह गेंद से खेल रहा है।

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