Frequently meaning in Hindi and English

Frequently meaning in Hindi and English

Word: Frequently

Frequently meaning in Hindi - फ्रीक्वेन्ट्ली का हिंदी में अर्थ - Frequently ka hindi me arth

Pronunciation of Frequently in Hindi - फ्रीक्वन्ट्ली / फ्रीक्वेन्ट्ली

1. अक्सर (aksar)
2. प्रायः (praayah)
3. बहुधा (bahudha)
4. बार (baar)
5. इतनी बार (itani baar)
6. बार बार (baar baar)
7. नित्य (nitya)
7. लगातार (lagataar)

Frequently meaning in English - Frequently ka matlab

1. Many times in short intervals.
2. In many cases or instances.

Frequently synonyms in English

2. So many times
3. Much
4. Repeatedly
5. Continuously
6. Always

Use of Frequently in Sentences in English with Examples

1. He frequently forget my name. - वह अक्सर मेरा नाम भूल जाता है।
1. He frequently drinks tea. - वह अक्सर चाय पीता है। या वह बार-बार चाय पीता है।

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